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Ecohealth Seminar Series: Movement in the Fields of Flexibility and Obesity: Deterritorialising Social Practices
Understanding what people do, the practices of everyday life, is and will be critical for responding to global challenges, including climate change and public health. Yet, in much public policy, what people do, is considered to be ahistorical or asocial, and somehow relegated to being outside of, or more simply organised by, systems of provision. Using two example cases of 1) flexibility in energy systems and 2) global trends in obesity, I argue for the need to deterritorialise the epistemic foundations of these fields in ways that make it possible to describe the dynamic processes that matter for the emergence of complexes of practices and everyday life and that cut across features of societal organisation, history, and systems of provision. I conclude by making the case for responding to global public health and climate challenges in ways that puts the re/organisation of social practices at the front and centre.

Dec 7, 2020 02:00 PM in Brussels

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Stanley Blue
Senior lecturer @Lancaster University
Stanley Blue is a Senior Lecturer in the Sociology Department at Lancaster University. His work traces the reproduction of everyday practices that matter for environmental sustainability and health. His current research examines the flexibility of everyday social practices and the relationships between biology, embodiment, and inheritance, as they matter for the passing on of social practices.